Scream for ice cream

It’s been a year since I’ve upcycled my no-longer-wanted heels that I’ve had for quite some time. As I’ve become older my tastes have changed slightly, so, I thought, what could I do to prevent me giving them away? As this is usually the case with my unwanted items.

I decided to upcycle them and totally transform them into something that is my style. I made ICE CREAM SHOES! they’re completely different to whats out there in the high street stores at the moment, however, they’re similar to brands such as Irregular choice and shoes that are often sold in Blue Banana give off that unique vibe. They scream individuality which is what I’m about! Sadly, I’ve not worn out yet, but theres still time! As I’m sure I won’t be throwing these out anytime soon.

The process of this didn’t actually take long. Maybe a few days, but I wasn’t really counting. The longest part for me was waiting for the paint and varnish to actually dry completely before I could start the next stage. I am so pleased with how these turned out, I  can’t wait to wear them out to see if they attract any attention, and I’l be pleased as I made them myself! and I do take any requests if anyone wants their shoes upcycled in an ice cream sort of way?!



Bag & Purse museum, Amsterdam

This museum showed you the history of bags, and how they’ve evolved from each era. It told you the materials that started to become popular and why, also the use of contemporary style bags, you can see in the images there is a coca cola bag which I found really cool as it was made of diamontes. The museum also told us the use of bags as well, and for men, how men used to have a bag for each activity, such as hunting and other sport. I was fascinated by the bag in the last image, as it is made out of chains and fabric. This is more to my style, as it’s quite punk. I like the look of these bags as they are interesting. The perspex bag had also become so popular over the years, and these bags are now some of my favourites along with mesh. It was interesting to see the changes from the 1900’s to present day.

NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam

The day before my last in Amsterdam, in the evening we decided to take the ferry to NDSM which at first I didn’t know what to expect when visiting. It was an empty dock and the ferry took you to the other side. The views on the way over were amazing and me and my friend were just amazed. It was euphoric and so peaceful, I didn’t want to leave.

NDSM went bankrupt in the 1980’s which meant the wharf had become abandoned for some time, but life was brought back to the docks with the indulgence of graffiti on every inch of the walls and abandoned buses and tramcars. Everything was rusting but beautifully enhanced with the graffiti. There is also a submarine submerged in the river, covering much of it is colourful street art. It looked fascinating and I was so intrigued as to how the street art had got there?! It is looked at now as art culture for the Amsterdam art community, which has taken over it.

I loved this area, and from my images above, I aim to do an Amsterdam project about this as it was just so colourful and lively for an abandoned place. There was also a club and ice cream parlor there with very few people around. However, there was a village beyond this point, if I had gone during the day I would’ve wanted to explore more. I still had an amazing time and it is definitely an eyeopener to what is out there and how art is so beautifully celebrated and explored across the world.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The second day in Amsterdam was probably one of my favourite memories. I visited the Van Gogh Museum. I was with my friend Lauren, and luckily we had the iAmsterdam City card which allowed us free entry to the museum. When it comes to visiting different places, I aim to see as many sites as I can, and when I was planning this holiday I was very much so looking forward to seeing the work of Van Gogh himself, as when you see a painting online it doesn’t have the same affect for me personally, as to what it does in person.

Van Gogh is an artist I’ve been inspired by and studied throughout my art and design journey. In my A-Level year, I had a project based on emotions. It was how colour portrays a particular feeling, mood, and atmosphere, whether it be a painting, screen print, photograph. Colour has a huge impact in the art industry, especially textiles. So this lead me to look at ‘Sunflowers’, an amazing painting with so much meaning by Gogh. When studying this painting it opened my eyes to what Gogh went through and how he tried to overcome mental health issues through his painting of sunflowers, using the colour yellow to portray joy and happiness, something Gogh had always wanted to feel during his time dealing with mental health. Sadly, after ‘Sunflowers’ was painted beautifully, with so much meaning, Gogh had died the following year.

I walked into the museum, and it’s just a fascinating building anyway, which made me in awe. I couldn’t stop looking up and around at the building. Mainly based on glass windows, so much light was shining through into the museum. Going through the journey of Gogh’s work, we saw his diary of unpublished work that was nowhere near finished, just some thoughts and ideas. We also saw his early work of those who were working in fields and also of maids. I was inspired and so happy to see the Dutch painters work, who has been an inspiration to me for so long.

Below, are images of ‘Sunflower’. My favourite painting of all time. After studying and looking into the meaning of this, it has had an impact on me. Although pictures weren’t allowed. I took this one photo, it was hard to get to the front to see it, as there were so many people around it. However, I managed to get a photo at least that will stay with me for a very long time. I remember not wanting to take up space, but gladly standing there just looking at this painting. Making sure I didn’t miss any detail.

The last image was shown in the museum shop, where of course, I bought a sunflower painting magnet and a Van Gogh bag that I can now show off as I’m sadly back In Wales. It was amazing to see the use of textiles, the Sunflower was featured on wallapaper, wall hangings, a bag, scarves as you can see on the mannequin. It was fascinating, I just wanted to buy it all! But sadly that would have been all of my euros gone. I do aim to visit again some time soon, so who knows…

We went into another room of Van Gogh’s work, and it was paintings that had been painted over, as you could spot some various brush strokes that didn’t add up into the final painting. This was definitely so pleasant for me and I also saw other work, such as ‘Almond Blossoms’, another favourite, I also saw a series of his self portraits and ‘Skull of skeleton with burning cigarette’. I was tempted to buy a phone case with this design on it! After seeing all of these amazing paintings, unfortunately I didn’t get to see Starry Night, which is another personal favourite. I love the mark making within this piece and all of the brush strokes, oil on canvas is definitely a great way to see the aggression of brush marks that are built up.

I hope to visit again, as I don’t think that going once is enough. I enjoyed my time seeing Gogh’s work as he is definitely influential, despite his mental illness, he still loved the life he had. To keep his memory alive I hope to do a project based on his techniques and colour schemes.

Who said women can’t do D.I.Y?


Me and my mum have been wanting to redecorate the living room for such a long time. The problem was we were too fussy on deciding what we wanted, then I come up with a colour scheme of the pastels in the image, silver, and a possibility of a salmon to add a pop of colour in the living room. We finally got what we wanted, however,

We received these chairs from a friend and the covers were a beige colour. They were lovely, but didn’t particularly go well, and I wanted the silver element to be prominent within the living room, so we bought some crushed velevet and started to upcycle these chairs.  I didn’t want to just throw them out and look for chairs wit the velvet on them already. We took them apart and wrapped the velvet around the surface to keep the shape of the chair and used the staple gun to secure the fabric.

It turned out to be a success and we managed to do 4 in an hour! I really enjoy design, and I’m so pleased that my degree has potential to get me where I want to be as it’s a huge passion of mine.

New Designers Exhibition


This year I went to the New Designers exhibition in London, to explore the work of various design students in all different universities. It is a great opportunity to get yourself known and your work out their to the public to hopefully emerge your design work into the future. Helen told me about this before leaving for the summer holiday during our tutorial. I was fascinated as soon as she handed me the leaflet and shortly after I booked tickets and had a great day out at London.

We arrived in London really early, as we wanted to get to the exhibition as soon as we could to then adventure around London. I had an interesting journey on the way there as I made a friend who was travelling to a festival I didn’t know about that was happening in London. They were sat next to me on the coach and we had an interesting conversation. I then got on the Kings Cross tube, and following my map I got a little lost, I made it there eventually! and soon realized that getting on at the Angel stop would have been more beneficial as it was so close!

I then looked around at every graduates work and I was amazed at the high standard of work and how they displayed their work. I would definitely like to get the funding to have my work out there, especially in London for people to see! How amazing would that be. Of course I went upstairs and saw Cardiff Metropolitan University, and I felt happy for the girls whose work was there.

I absolutely loved the theatrical costume design course that was featured on the top floor as well. The costumes were recognizable as one was the crocodile from Peter Pan, and also from Macbeth and Hamlet. I love costume design and think it’s incredible. So much work goes into it to make sure its durable for a theatre show. It’s crazy.

I have no idea what sort of path I want to take right now, as it’s only my first year studying textiles. However, this show did give me some inspiration and possibilities for me. I do hope this second year now helps me figure out my full potential and help me decide which path I want to take within the textile industry.

Cosmeston Lake

This was a lovely day out, a really peaceful area for when you just want to relax. I spent some time taking photos, after I had mistakenly fallen asleep and now have a fishnet tight sunburn on my legs! Hopefully will do some mark making with these images when I get the chance. I’ve been so busy this summer, as I’ve got a new job starting and a holiday coming up! I will try to get some art work done and I will post it up. I want to keep my art skills fresh for when I go back for second year 🙂


End of year exhibition



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Finally I have displayed my final designs for the urban beat trend and end of year module is now complete! I am so pleased with how my designs look, and all the hard work  during my first year of university has paid off and I can now relax for the summer!! Of course not too much, as I hope to be busy with creating new ideas. I aim to go to local places to get my inspiration, whether it be pattern, colour, or composition. I plan on doing photo shoots on various things and hopefully get it all down in a sketchbook. I also have my first ever holiday to Amsterdam. I am so nervous as it’s my first time on a plane! However i’m looking forward to being away for a while and seeing the beautiful city and what it has to offer. I am looking forward to this summer and can’t wait to see what the second year of university has to offer me.

Laser Cutting


We had the opportunity this term to try out the laser cutter. I really enjoyed this as it was an experience to see how things are laser cut. This was an eye opener for me as I now know that fabrics, such as lace and fishnet are also made by laser cutting technique. In the digital stitch room there is a separate computer that is linked to the laser cutter. The file has to be saved as a TIF file to be able to work. I chose clear acrylic for my piece linked to ‘Urban Beat’. The key words are associated with my theme and topic, I thought this was an interesting thing for me as I love creating backgrounds so I featured a thin layer of acetate behind the acrylic laser cut piece with a mark making background showing my colour scheme to be ‘energetic’ ‘urban’ and ‘grunge’.

I will definitely want to use this further into my textiles degree as I believe this is a lovely way of showing a textile garment, or even an amazing piece of advertisement. The acrylic with laser cutting features can be used as a backdrop for your design that is being exhibited. I love how you can laser cut into anything so I aim to create a pattern I can use to create some lace textures.

Urban Beat; Final Designs.

These are my final designs for my trend Urban Beat. I am going to get them printed in the print studio, A3 size along with my final colour and mood board. I am pleased with these and think they link in perfectly with the values and go well as a collection. I am looking forward to displaying them in the exhibition space on Monday.