Photoshop; Cartoon

During this session of using Photoshop we were taught how to make a cartoon of an image and this involved using tools such as, pen tool, the pipette, and learning how to make a selection, choosing a colour from the image and then applying it. I chose an image of myself and started to use the pen tool. I found it difficult to get the pen to curve around the circular shapes, so parts didn’t work so well as I wanted it to. However it was my first time using it so I will definitely practice more to gain the skills. After you make a selection, you use the pipette and click on a certain colour, then press ‘alt + delete’ so it fills the selection with the chosen colour. Below is my outcome from using this technique.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.16.53


Urban Beat; Womanby Street


When thinking of Urban Beat, at the start I imagined Womanby Street in Cardiff to be perfect for imagery as it’s a grungy alley filled with rock clubs and indie clubs. It gives that grungy, rebellious vibe to it with lots of energy. I took this image when walking through town. I think the way the shadows from the building create a dark tone contrasts with the top centre of the image which is bright. I like how the dark and light tones show juxtaposition as the buildings lead the eye down the middle of the image.

Boys Village

Me and my two friends ventured out to Boys Village as we thought it would be really good for Urban Beat. We found the abandonded place really easy surprisingly. The entrance was over grown so we had to climb over some logs and a broken fence. Boys Village was a holiday camp in West Aberthaw. Thebuildings included a dining hall, dormitories, a gym, swimming pool, workshops and a church. I had always known about this area but never experienced it for myself so I was amazed and was enjoying taking photos of it. It had previous owners who had used it for a farm, but in 2008 it was taken over by airsoft enthusiasts but with no on-site security it soon became a target for graffiti, arson and vandalism. The future plan is to knock the buildings down and re-create a new site. I think demolishing this site is unfortunate for upcoming generations, as it’s always exciting going to a place you know is abandoned and you shouldn’t be there. It’s also good for photoshoots and to see what the area was actually like.



This image is one of my favourites. I really like the colours within this piece. I edited it on photoshop to increase the levels and exposure. I find this image to have an impact as the meaning behind it is quite dark. ‘I watched you burn’ Is also ironic as the building had a collapsed roof due to arson and is now left so unstructured. I think this image has more than one meaning behind it and it can be interpretated in so many ways.


This building was my favourite out of the six remanining. This was where the dorms were. The shower rooms were tiny and full of graffiti. Some of it reminded me of banksy as it was about conttevertial topics. Some of it was humurous. There were no windows, or any doors. Everything was crumbling inside and the stairwell to get upstairs had no wall on the left hand side. It was dangerous being in there but so exciting. I liked all of the graffiti, it was interesting and somewhat inspiring. I was trying to look for colours I can use within my Urban Beat project for digital. It was very eerie being in here.


This was the view inside of the building in the image above. You can probably see why this was my favourite building. Capturing and being in this moment was just very incredible for me as I havent visited anything like this before. The juxtaposition of light and dark through the long corridor makes the image really powerful. Also the doorway at the end which you can see, is so dilapitated which also gives it an overall feel of eerieness.


This image was taken in the Gym. I didn’t like the original image as it was dull, so I edited it on photoshop and made it brighter and cropped out everything else. I don’t know why but this stood out to me so  I had to photograph it. It actually said ‘Deadly’ but someone must have gone over it in black paint and got rid of the remaning words ‘ly’ so it now just says ‘Dead’. I found this to have an impact as well.


This is very industrial, it was rusting and you can see the textures within the handle and brick work. I took a close up of this railing that was left on the wall, with no stairs to go with it so you couldn’t get upstairs from this side. I increased the colour to make it more orange as I think thats a colour I want to use in my own work. I also edited it and made it a dark pink colour.

Handle copy

I think both images give that grungy and industrialisation feel to it.


I am aboslutely so pleased with this image! I love the rust combined with the blue and red graffiti. The contrast of colours really appeals to me. You can also see on the right side of the image, there is some cracking of the surface. This was a close up of a boiler which was in one of the rooms.  This is also a possibility of a colour palette for me.


I changed the colour drastically within this piece to try and match my colour interest. I just want dark and grungy colours mixed with a few bright, like this cyan colour. I found this piece to remind me of Banksy. Simply because within his work he is a political activist and anonymous. No one had marked their name or initial from their graffiti piece like I’ve usually seen in Cardiff City Centre. The unknown quality to it was very appealing and I just wanted to take a photo. Of course graffiti is illegal, so the sense of rebellion fits in with my values. There is also a sense of dark humour in Banksys work, which links in with most of what I saw today. ‘Alive’ written inside the shape of a human figure with the distressed paint strokes coming from it suggests something dark.

Rust Railing

I tried to edit this image on Photoshop, but I don’t think I’ve quite got there yet with completing it. I used the selection tool and magic tool to get rid of the greenery that was behind the brick walls. I didn’t want to include any of that in with this piece as Urban Beat focuses on the industrialisation, which clearly the rural area would take away that effect. I wanted the focal point of this image to be the rusting bar that was spiraling around in the centre of the brick walls. I love this as it’s just so grungy and industrial. Hopefully when I use photoshop more I can combine this image with another to create collage.

I had a really pleasant day exploring Boy’s Village. We must have been there for about 2 hours. Although the area was smaller than expected, there was just so much to see.


Urban Beat; Mood Boards

When collecting imagery from Pinterest for my mood board, I was looking at certain qualities and aspects of ‘Urban Beat’. The following:

  • Urban,
  • Rebellion,
  • Grungy,
  • Graffiti
  • Energetic
  • Industrial 

I’m not that confident with the tools on Photoshop yet, so I started off by adding all of the imagery I found to make a simplistic board. I wanted it to cover the values listed above as much as it possibly could. I edited a few and created torn and ragged edges. I didn’t make a plan at first as I wanted to see what the images would look like by just re-arranging them. The first session this is what my mood board was starting to look like:

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.02.54

However, it looks very simplistic and too easy to be digitalized. I need to make the most of using digital to show my skills and utilize the programme. I then thought of ways I could manipulate each image more and use less, as I had 14 layers and it was becoming to crowded. I then started to zoom in, enlarge images and use tools to cut and erase certain areas. I wanted the focus of the mood board to be straight to the point with less images and more of a grungy look. I started again and was much happier with my existing piece. This is where I left the mood board at the end of the session, I am now looking to add more images and possibly sharpen the edges on each piece. I will also start looking at colour and how it’s effects the mood.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.03.06


Introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop: Today’s session with Steve was very relaxed as it was just an introduction to Photoshop. I can’t wait to learn more complex things to gain more skills as a textile designer and progress further ready for second and third year! We were creating layers and using the shape tool to create a simplistic pattern. My current digital design doesn’t link in with the trend I’ve chosen as I haven’t taken any first hand imagery for ‘Urban Beat’ yet, however, my plan is to do that on Wednesday. (Because my friend is able to drive me around!) I’m going to visit abandoned buildings to gain inspiration for the trend and hopefully take some amazing shots with my Nikon. I want to capture interesting colours within the grungy, dilapidated buildings.

For now, I chose simplistic designs and was generally getting used to the software as I’ve only ever used Photoshop to edit my own photographs. As colour palettes are key to a successful design I made sure to choose colours that go well together. Below are the outcomes I managed to produce within the time we had. I would like to progress further with this and efficiently as it’s so useful and very exciting!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first two designs were minimalistic with no background what so ever, then I started to play around and made a background of stripes and polka dots, I found this to be really affective as it enhanced the front layer a lot. I will keep this in mind when creating upcoming designs for ‘Urban Beat’.

Illustrator:  I really enjoyed looking at illustrator as it’s fun and you can be really creative and manipulate the shape tool. We were playing around with the shapes and changing the colours, also the outline. I liked this the most as you could get a textured piece by doing this. We also learnt how to group shapes to make them become one when moving it across the canvas. I really enjoy learning new things as I haven’t used illustrator before. My designs were simplistic, I decided to stick to rustic colours for ‘Urban Beat’. Below are two different images of the pieces I was working on. The circles below were grouped which made everything easier. I also really like the colour palette in these pieces.




Thinking about colour palettes: 

I started to create a colour palette with the marbling technique. I wanted to focus on the particular words of ‘Urban Beat’ as it’s

  • Urban,
  • Rebellion,
  • Grungy,
  • Graffiti
  • Energetic
  • Industrial 

Some of the colours were darker in the pots, so they didn’t come out as anticipated, however some were really successful and convey the values I want to portray in Urban Beat. The second image is my favourite combination of colours as the red and blue go really well together and do create a sense of energy as the lights in an underground station or train station are often those colours. The fifth image is also a variation of colours I like, and think work well together. The grungyness of the green mixed with the bright energetic pink creates the urban vibe of living in the city where there is juxtaposition of graffiti and industrialisation of dark and bright colours.


Introduction to digital and trends

Today we looked at the brief for this module, and the following themes to gain a better understanding of each one and what we have to do to complete this module for the hand in date in June. The themes are:

Where the old becomes new. People strive for a bold portrayal of the classics. Theres a genuine feeling of ‘recognised newness’. Think modern/ graphic life/ irregular shapes/ brush strokes/ cut & paste.

This theme has the values; geometric, simplistic, modern, collage and quirky.

Scanned Memory
A simplistic, purer and more ethically correct way of life; away from consumption, stress and rigid must haves towards favourites and a genuine feeling of well-being. Think x-rays/ see through chic/ lightness and delicacy.

This themes key characteristics is fragile, emotion, nature, pure and simplistic.

Urban Beat
Urban Beat depicts a dynamic raw energy with a gritty undertone. A modern metro- an edgy course, cool approach to design. Street strength/ graffiti/ industrial materials.

The value for this theme is; industrial, grungy, bold, urban, energetic and graffiti.

Initally  I wanted to start with ‘Re-e-val-u-8’, with my own twist on the chosen themes. This was before speaking to Lucy Richardson who is in charge of this digital module. I was firstly going to use my previous work and apply it to digital with fiting the theme, this meant I would be ignoring some parts of the description and only choosing key words, however when having it explained to me I quickly changed my thought process as I was heading in the wrong direction, and decided it was beneficial to simply read the trends for what they were and not my own interpretation.


I started to create a pinterest board for ‘Urban Beat’ as it seemed like my kind of trend! I enjoy living in the City and thought there will be a lot out there I can take pictures of especially industrial and graffiti. I will start to take images to work from as soon as I can as I really want to focus on these key values:

  • Urban,
  • Rebellion,
  • Grungy,
  • Graffiti
  • Energetic
  • Industrial 

Below is my trend board on pinterest. These images captured my eye for ‘Urban Beat’ and when I re-read over the values I associate these images with them.


We eventually have to create two mood boards, colour and trend.
We can use magazines, books, sketches and dafont if we want to include any text within them. The hardest part I find about these mood boards is having a model within them. It’s tricky to find the right one wearing the right clothes and expression on their face.



First digital design!

I was experimenting with Photoshop and decided to utilize the tools. I used a paint mark that was on paper, scanned it in and set it as a brush in Photoshop to create a pattern within the blank canvas and repeat it several times. This was based off ‘Material Matters’ in the first term, as I had taken a liking to Jellyfish when exploring with stitch and print. I wanted to combine the mark making aspect and sea life together as I know next term we will be focusing on digital. I then moved my work onto illustrator to create a repeat pattern. I then layered the jelly fish line drawing on top. I love the simplicity of the black lines against the bold and colourful paint marks.




Dewalt; Formative Assessment Feedback

The grade I received for the Trans Branding project so far was excellent. I was overwhelmed with this as I’ve worked really hard in the six weeks we’ve had.  The feedback from the tutors was positive and they didn’t have anything negative to say. My mood boards were relevant and helped the client to understand where my ideas have come from and how they’ve influenced my creative process. Another point made was my thought pattern and design process was talked about thoroughly throughout.

I think I gave my design concept clearly for the client to understand and for them to give me an excellent on the grading system. However, if I was to show my collaborative work again for Dewalt, I would definitely choose less final designs as I don’t want to over complicate my design process.

I will  need to speak to my textile tutor as well because I wasn’t told what I could improve on or if I needed to change anything for the Summative end of year hand in date.



Dewalt; Finalisation for Trans Branding.

crystal design 2crystal design 3

We were given two weeks to finalize our design ready to show the client and I used print and stitch. The first image I used layering as a technique to convey the bulkiness and strength of Dewalt. I wanted something that was over powering and in your face when you see the seating area within the store. I like how you can see the foil design below the yellow puff print. I think this gives it a robust feel, especially as it’s on denim which is a durable fabric itself. The second design was actually a happy accident. I didn’t mean for it to have patches missing or for it to be distorted but it actually took me by surprise when I used the iron to puff the print up. It gives it an industrial feel to the print and fits perfectly with the Dewalt theme. As these prints were my final samples, I needed to make sure that the yellow was spot on, as before it was too bright! I added orange this time to make it a darker yellow.  The purpose for this design is to go on the seating area, at first I was creating designs to go on a cushion I was going to then produce. However, interior designer changed the seating area which made me think twice of what I wanted to do. I then decided to just cover the whole seating area in denim with my design printed on it. This would then convey a thickness to the store, making it look industrial and powerful and robust. I wouldn’t have to worry about the material wearing away as the seating area is integrated in the testing area, where people would be more focussed on testing the iron product than sitting down.

I also started to use the wing needle in stitch the second week, I used it on silver foil and took a love to it straight away! I just love how it linked in with my research of industrialisation. I have plenty of mood boards on pinterest where the industrial side has really been an influence to me. Below are my final designs I’ve scanned in. I used yellow stitch and created a pattern within the foil. The wing needle is purely decorative so it leaves holes within your work, and it looks amazing. I used the shape of the Dewalt drill to create a curved pattern to represent their drills and geometrics. These designs will be covering the wall, behind the tills, suspended so artificial light is able to go behind so you can see minimilstic lighting creeping through the holes where the wing needle has left its mark. I also took inspiration from the drill when creating this, as a drill is used to leave holes in a wall for nails to be embedded.

Crystal design 4 final foil - Copycrystal design 5 final foil with black background - Copy