Final Samples & Fabric Swatches

I ordered all of the fabric swatch samples from Contrado as I wanted to see what other materials there were. I ordered my fabric before I new what it was! I knew I was going to be safe as I like canvas and the fabric was recommended for upholstery in homeware. I also ordered the wallpaper swatch pack as I am interested in creating wallpaper as well as fabrics. Due to funds, I wasn’t able to buy one of my samples on textured wallpaper, however it is such a nice paper that it will be considered within my other projects. A lot of my favourites came from the natural swatch pack as there was a huge variety! Such as lace for nets, silks, and organzas. For my final 6 samples, I have ordered them all in Portobello Canvas and I am pleased with the quality of the material for my interior collection Summer/Spring 2019.

I also love seeing my designs in fabrics! It is great as they look so good and the colour match was spot on and I couldn’t fault Contrado’s service.




CAD Visuals

Last term I only managed to get one really good cad visual. So for this term I am practicing to ensure I can improve on my photoshop skills. I am looking forward to using my new designs into a design placement on photoshop. I feel like this is important as the customer can see what their design would look like on a particular product.

A lazy day in the garden

This CAD visual was based on my client profile. The relaxation from the busy lifestyle of working in London. My designs have been put on a cushion and deck chair in the outdoors. This will give my client a feel for what the designs will be like and how much they brighten up a particular space.

Deck Chair and Cushion

These designs compliment each other as one is busy with a repeat pattern and the other is a batik print that has been scanned in digitally. This breaks up the patterns so they aren’t overpowering.

Another outdoor image, I focussed on the wood and put my design on the decking of a seat. I think this works really well and is effective with the photoshop edit.

Wood Stain

Time for a Bubble Bath

This was an experiment of my silhouette trees, placement design, as I wanted to see how effective it will look on its own and not in a repeated format.

Shower Curtain

I also put my design on a bath matt. I really like this design on a bath matt as I feel it is framed perfectly and will brighten the room perfectly. It is so nice to see designs on products as it is a real eye-opener to see the great potential!

Bath Matt

Using one of my favourite designs I also put into a lampshade.


A rug for the bathroom or living room


Half Drop Design Scanned In

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 16.19.27

I have finally been able to put my painted repeat half drop, small scale design into photoshop. By scanning it in and editing it, I have been able to use the posterize filter which makes it look a lot less hand painted and more digital. I feel like this just cleans it up and makes it look pristine. I am looking forward to playing around with this to see what type of backgrounds I can come up with for this design. I am also going to paint all of the stems on as well.



Experimenting With Alternative Colour

Whilst experimenting on Photoshop with this repeat design of a promarker sketch. I decided to manipulate the settings and came across these tones of blue. I also found the grey and pink work well together as well. Seeing this design in blue gives it a different feel, it makes it more cold, and the mood isn’t as uplifting as the colours at the top. This is why I chose teals and bright pinks as I wanted to give my collection high spirits and a colourful vibrancy to it. The other colours are also nice, they just suit to a different client and perhaps a different room within an interior. Perhaps a bathroom as often people have blue in their bathrooms. It is good to see what an effect colour has on a design and how different it looks.

An Evening with Digital Design

So I’ve spent an evening working on photoshop and illustrator to ensure I am experimenting and using the right design for my collection.

This design came from one of my mark making pieces. I used a lot of filters for this to see what looks the best. Although I don’t think I will be using this for the final collection. It is nice to experiment and see what your design looks like. I have also changed the hue and manipulated it.

Although I have experimented with this design I am not happy enough with it to be in my final collection. Despite this, I am glad I have experimented with it to see if it works or not. I don’t feel the colours 100% match. The blue outlining the middle isn’t the teal colour I’m using.


I have also tried overlaying it with another design! I am still not keen on this and I will keep experimenting with the leaves.

I have used an original design of mine that I wasn’t sure of, but having the leaves overlap with the opacity reduced so you can see various colours of orange – I actually like this! My favourites are the purple and teal spiked flowers. I feel like this design in these particular colour ways show the design to its fullest and the pop of colour definitely works. I am enjoying using three colours out of my palette within one design. It is making them more appealing and unique.

The original spike design:

Pattern Spiked flower design.jpg

Final design:

Pattern Spiked flower design

My design has now portrayed that energetic element and fun adventurous theme just by adding another motif and manipulating the colour ways. I love the range of orange tones within this design also.

Another sketch of mine had been image traced into a silhouette on illustrator then made into a pattern. I wasn’t sure on this as it looked very much like a brick wall. It would have been lovely if it was to be for an outdoor interior, however I decided to delete the lines.


After deleting the line, I found myself really liking the design and then enhanced it with my colour palette.

Drawing scanned in:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 15.53.37


Buddy System

Week Two

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Today was quite a stressful day. We had to put Emilys A1 frames up. Before we began this I went into the stitch room to tie knots in the headers she had stitched and then cut them to secure the stitches. This didn’t take me long, and then we began figuring out how to put her frames up. We are both short so we needed a step ladder each to get up to measure accurately. We measured 17cm across. This was going to be the gap between each frame. And then it was 30.1cm across from the frame where the pins needed to go. Emily bought extra, more than she needed to ensure we had everything. As we finished we had to move two to make sure they were straight and looked professional.

We had a discussion and decided that everything was perfectly straight due to the spirit level, although the line in the middle of her board was making it look slightly off. We mentioned she should paint a strip across for her rails to come out from. This was a great idea to distract the line! She then had to leave and find out what colour paper she needed in the frame and colour paint. Emily asked where was best and I suggested paperchase and wilkos as well as pen and paper. I went home then as I didn’t have anymore jobs to do and I was pleased with how the space was looking and that my hard work was paying off.


Above is the space, and Emily had put her templates up to see what they look like. I am really liking her work and think it looks great! The green tape is also to make sure the paint is in a perfect straight line. I won’t lie, the hardest part was definitely getting things straight.

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Today was such a busy day. I came in and the line was already painted. Emily then told me to go and steam all of her samples. I had done this and then had to help her with the rails. We drilled two and they went in eventually with a lot of work and force. The third one only went in so far, this was frustrating and I asked if we should re-do it but Emily was fine with the rail. Although I mentioned what if people touch her samples the rail is going to move, however she still didn’t want to re-do it, although this may change.

We then put the shelf up on the left for her press packs and photobook. This didn’t go in as easily as we thought and there was a scratch on the shelf so I used the orange paint that was left over and painted the shelf. This took 3 coats as it was quite streaky. Eventually it was all finished and I was so glad that Emily was pleased with it.

We also stuck her coloured paper in the frames and Emily was putting her samples on the rail to see what they looked like. I was then left to carry on with getting the floor cleaning, making sure there was no rubbish or dust and certainly no paint marks. Although unfortunately someone had put tape down on the floor, and has taken the polish off with it. There is now a square mark which Emily isn’t happy with and told me to try and get rid of. This was almost impossible as it is so marked. So I tried my best but it isn’t budging. I was in uni past half 4 trying to sort the floor out and getting the paint off. I had done the best I could do and messaged Emily saying we will have to speak to the tutors about the floor as I wasn’t sure what to do.

Images on the left were of me scraping the floor and using the floor wipes to clean the dirt and paint. Also you can see where I have wet the tape marks to try and get them off. The picture on the right is the after math – it was dry and still hadn’t budged. I wasn’t exactly impressed with this, but what can you do!

Thursday 10th May 2018

At 10am we had a meeting today. We were asked to do headers on third years work as well as make a cushion. Although I do feel bad on the person who needs help, I just didn’t want to be responsible for someone elses work, incase of messing it up. So for me, I totally didn’t feel comfortable in this. Especially since we haven’t stitched anything onto headers in first or second year so I have no experience with this. I would prefer to have been comfortable with doing this just in case. Emily needed me all day anyway, and after the meeting she needed me to go into town to get some sticky labels from wilkos. She told me to get two packs as they were £3 each. I went into town and then got back about 12. I then met her in illustration and as she was making her labels, I was cutting paper to add into her small sketchbook from A3 size. After doing 12 of these I went for lunch. I came back and she wanted to get the labels printed off. We tried the printer in illustration and nothing was happening. It was printing on normal paper, numerous times. I didn’t even know you could use your own paper in the university printers. We were having no luck whatsoever so I was sent to try and find out how to print these labels as Emily didn’t have a printer at home.

I went to the library and asked the IT Help desk. They were clueless and had sent me to the print studio. I went to the print studio and asked and the guy there told me what to do. I understood what he was saying and thought perhaps it was just the printer in illustration. I then went to the printer next to the textiles office. I had put the sticky labels in, and followed the instructions on the screen. Again, it was printing on normal paper and not from the side tray. I was becoming frustrated as I was doing everything right. So I tried various trays and options hoping it would work as it was an important job and lets face it, no one wants to let someone down.

I then started to panic and asked around and no one knew what to do. I went to speak to Kerieine and Helen in the level 6 studio and Kerieine pointed me to the Admin, who was so helpful and I am so grateful for the help. The lady came with me and tried to do it herself, she saw it wasn’t working and offered to do it for me in her office. I then got Emily to send over the file and we then had 60 labels printed out just in case one went wrong! I was so chuffed with this. Although I think the stress was written all over my face.

I then put double sided tape on Emily’s drawings and that was me done for the day. She said tomorrow we will start at 10am and press her samples so they are completely ready as the iron wasn’t as satisfying.

The image below is just to show how many attempts it took to get it right!

Friday 11th May 2018

Today was the last day of helping the Level 6 Students. I came in at 10am, and my buddy didn’t need me anymore. So I helped Daisy, Alice, Sonia and Sue’s Buddy, I’m not quite sure what her name is. The jobs were only small for the girls but I had helped them as much as I could. Daisy needed me to help rearrange her wall, although she hadn’t needed me at that exact moment I helped Alice with her stickers. I cut them for her. Sonias fabrics arrived so I steamed all of her samples. Overall this day was a stressful time. I now know what to expect for my exhibition next year.

The Level 6 work is looking amazing and I took some shots:

Changing Colour

Colour Board

When I was flicking through my designs, I noticed that the grey colour wasn’t really working within this collection. I hadn’t used it much so I thought it was best to take it out and add a shade of purple to replace. This works best as you can see within my palette I have various shades of each colour. I also didn’t use grey, it was almost as if I had forgotten about it. I feel my colour palette is a lot better now and I am wondering why I didn’t notice this sooner!

Working On The Collection

I have been working hard lately to ensure my designs are looking their best ready for summative and the exhibition in June. I am pleased with the progress so far. Working through my sketchbook has helped a lot and I am now starting to like the collection. I already have 6 designs from the previous term that I am keeping. Some were done by hand, and others digital on illustrator. The other 6 designs are additional or didn’t make it into the final collection as the digital stitch didn’t directly link into the loose theme of my drawing style for High Spirited. I have also decided to do more than 12, as by doing this I am encouraging myself to do more work and also working on my skills as being a textile designer. By doing more than 12 I will feel pleased and satisfied with myself. Also, I feel like it is time to step up my game as third year is approaching way too quickly!

First Design 

Design 3

This was a design from Part Two. It is one of my favourites and is definitely going to be presented as a final. The inspiration came from a drawing in my sketchbook and I am just pleased with the lines and curves. It is definitely an uplifting design for a fun and adventurous mature woman.

Second Design


I designed this in the current part three module for the summative hand in. This was taken from one of my new sketches and scanned in to then turn into a repeat pattern! I am enjoying using illustrator and creating patterns. It is also useful as I can now create a swatch so it is mathematically correct. This design is also available in other colours. This particular colour scheme shows the hazy side of my palette. The other colours are good for colour choice and it is important to offer this within a collection.

Third Design 

Design pattern hex by column with background

This is also a new design from part three. Although I am considering changing the plant motif into a dark teal, overall I feel this design follows the brief. It is using the abstract technique along with the botanical theme. This was a new sketch that I scanned in and manipulated to look digital and not hand drawn. I then used the settings to overlap when creating the pattern swatch. I am excited about this design as it is definitely eye-catching and suitable for the mature woman who loves the outdoors but lives in the city.

Fourth Design

This is also a new creation of mine, taken from new sketches. I have now learnt and understood how important it is to draw and then scan them in! Before I had so many drawings, and they were unused as I hadn’t taken advantage of them. I used a filter to create the stamp look and then changed the colours. I wanted to keep the teal and pink, just change the colours on the inside. This is a 3 colour design. At first I was unsure, simply because this isn’t something I’ve done a lot, but it really brings out that quirky fun side to anyones home.

Fifth Design 


This was a design from Part Two. Again it is one of my favourites so I had to add it to my final collection. I found with this I had started to experiment with repeats. I also used the tossed approach and didn’t keep the anthirium plants in a block row. I also like the various colours used. I found that the paper I had scanned in also helped with a textural approach instead of a block colour from the palette. The design on the right also gives the textural feel. I scanned in copper colour swatch that I painted and filtered it to get the digitised texture.

Sixth Design 

This is also a new design from an oil pastel sketch of spiked botanical flowers. I am unsure on the left design, which is the original, as I think it is missing something. So I am going to carry on working with this to see what I can come up with to make it stand out that little bit more. The design on the right was just an experiment to see what it would look like. I am now thinking it would work well as a boarder, either for blinds for the bathroom or dining room, or a boarder along the top/bottom of curtains or voils which are see through. I am interested to see if this could be digitally printed on organza material. This is something I might try for summative.

Seventh Design 


This is a very abstract piece from part two. It is oil paints scanned in digitally and then filtered to look like this. It is very abstract, and for this reason I won’t be showing it as a final design, but an additional design. I am pleased to understand we can have additional designs as well as key designs. I feel like this will definitely fit for upholstery on a sofa, curtains, even a placement wallpaper.

Eighth Design

This is also a new design for part three. I have decided to use teals on this one to give it that cool and fresh feel. The image on the right is the original, and then I have designed two others in different shades of teal. I am pleased with the top left colour combination and the design on the right as it is subtle. This gives a choice of two and they would work perfectly together in a room. I used this from one of my sketches and scanned it in to get his abstract image of leaves. I feel like this is a successful design that happened randomly as I wasn’t expecting it to turn out like this.

Ninth Design

Spot design 1

Another design from part two. I am hoping to get this printed on fabric. I was also thinking of using flock, although I don’t think we have any of these colours in uni. But a bright pink flock on a few of the circles would’ve looked great and given it texture. It is also a playful design.

Tenth Design 


This design is also a new one as part of summative hand in. I have used my sketches again. This was with promarker pens and I scanned them in and created a pattern. I love the clashes of flowers within this and how they are close together. It is a very busy pattern, so I have given it a subtle background with just a pop of colour. This will also be available in multiple colours.

Eleventh Design

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 16.20.30

This design was from part two, and is my design that offers alternative colours, so for me this was lilac and blue, creams and beige, and green and yellow. This was found from WGSN – Showcasing colour schemes for the summer trend.

Digital Design; Repeat Pattern

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.01.29Color WaysColor ways 2

Above is my new design that I’ve been working on from my sketchbook. I am really pleased with how this has turned out. I have used the colours within my palette to see what they look like. I personally prefer the top three, although I do like the grey and purple too. Within my collection a lot of my designs are available in a lot of colours within my palette as this is something Harlequin are familiar with, and it’s also great to have choice! My next steps are to put these designs on CAD visuals as well. I am pleased with how I am gaining more skill in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Logo Design

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 13.51.38

For my professionalism within this module, for the summative hand in, I have ensured that all of my designs will have my logo on the header. Personally, it just looks better and a lot more professional, and it will also make me feel better about my designs and overall collection. I have come up with the motif as the logo and the collection name, and then mine, in the font of my mood board. I am pleased with this as I wanted it to be simplistic. I didn’t want the attention to be taken away from my designs! I am also getting a printer soon, which I am excited about! so I will be able to print my own labels off, and save a lot of money too. If not, I will just print them off as normal and stick them on the header. Everything seems to be coming together and I am so pleased.