Who said women can’t do D.I.Y?


Me and my mum have been wanting to redecorate the living room for such a long time. The problem was we were too fussy on deciding what we wanted, then I come up with a colour scheme of the pastels in the image, silver, and a possibility of a salmon to add a pop of colour in the living room. We finally got what we wanted, however,

We received these chairs from a friend and the covers were a beige colour. They were lovely, but didn’t particularly go well, and I wanted the silver element to be prominent within the living room, so we bought some crushed velevet and started to upcycle these chairs.  I didn’t want to just throw them out and look for chairs wit the velvet on them already. We took them apart and wrapped the velvet around the surface to keep the shape of the chair and used the staple gun to secure the fabric.

It turned out to be a success and we managed to do 4 in an hour! I really enjoy design, and I’m so pleased that my degree has potential to get me where I want to be as it’s a huge passion of mine.


New Designers Exhibition


This year I went to the New Designers exhibition in London, to explore the work of various design students in all different universities. It is a great opportunity to get yourself known and your work out their to the public to hopefully emerge your design work into the future. Helen told me about this before leaving for the summer holiday during our tutorial. I was fascinated as soon as she handed me the leaflet and shortly after I booked tickets and had a great day out at London.

We arrived in London really early, as we wanted to get to the exhibition as soon as we could to then adventure around London. I had an interesting journey on the way there as I made a friend who was travelling to a festival I didn’t know about that was happening in London. They were sat next to me on the coach and we had an interesting conversation. I then got on the Kings Cross tube, and following my map I got a little lost, I made it there eventually! and soon realized that getting on at the Angel stop would have been more beneficial as it was so close!

I then looked around at every graduates work and I was amazed at the high standard of work and how they displayed their work. I would definitely like to get the funding to have my work out there, especially in London for people to see! How amazing would that be. Of course I went upstairs and saw Cardiff Metropolitan University, and I felt happy for the girls whose work was there.

I absolutely loved the theatrical costume design course that was featured on the top floor as well. The costumes were recognizable as one was the crocodile from Peter Pan, and also from Macbeth and Hamlet. I love costume design and think it’s incredible. So much work goes into it to make sure its durable for a theatre show. It’s crazy.

I have no idea what sort of path I want to take right now, as it’s only my first year studying textiles. However, this show did give me some inspiration and possibilities for me. I do hope this second year now helps me figure out my full potential and help me decide which path I want to take within the textile industry.

Cosmeston Lake

This was a lovely day out, a really peaceful area for when you just want to relax. I spent some time taking photos, after I had mistakenly fallen asleep and now have a fishnet tight sunburn on my legs! Hopefully will do some mark making with these images when I get the chance. I’ve been so busy this summer, as I’ve got a new job starting and a holiday coming up! I will try to get some art work done and I will post it up. I want to keep my art skills fresh for when I go back for second year 🙂


End of year exhibition



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Finally I have displayed my final designs for the urban beat trend and end of year module is now complete! I am so pleased with how my designs look, and all the hard work  during my first year of university has paid off and I can now relax for the summer!! Of course not too much, as I hope to be busy with creating new ideas. I aim to go to local places to get my inspiration, whether it be pattern, colour, or composition. I plan on doing photo shoots on various things and hopefully get it all down in a sketchbook. I also have my first ever holiday to Amsterdam. I am so nervous as it’s my first time on a plane! However i’m looking forward to being away for a while and seeing the beautiful city and what it has to offer. I am looking forward to this summer and can’t wait to see what the second year of university has to offer me.

Urban Beat; Colour and design concepts.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.07.11Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.09.58Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.07.27Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.09.28

Here I created the same design, inspired by the bolts that are used in the urban world. I then took the design and created many patterns on illustrator then used a different colour for the background and shapes. I do really like the yellow outline as it’s depicting that pop of colour which I was going for. However, when I choose my final designs to display I think I’ve already used too much pink, so having the blue will break it up.