Mark Making

High Spirited

Here are some photographs of my sketchbook work. You can see I’ve been experimenting with techniques within mark making using a similar colour scheme for my chosen theme for my collection ‘High Spirited’.

Using bubble wrap to produce a geometric background using the various colours. The second image is the outcome and you can see the colours have blended well together. The third and fourth images are of a little water colour experiment I did using a copper pen. I edited them both to enhance the hue of the top one and to fade it in the bottom. The last image was of me using a bottle to create the petals and then increasing them as it went on.

Mark making is one of my favourite things to do as it really gets you exploring the endless possibilities within design. I am enjoying it now I know my colour scheme and overall mood I want to convey.


Concept Ideas


For my collection ‘High Spirited’ I decided to gather 3D imagery and fabrics to create a texture and colour board as well as digital. In the summer I went out to take a photoshoot around Cardiff. In some images you can guess what time of day it is as the sun is setting.  I fell in love with these images and found them to link in with my theme and concept idea. I had these images printed on acetate so you’re able to see the background behind the branches. The contrast of those colours really appeal to me as the rustic oranges and ambers create a haze with the shades of pink. This portrays a very euphoric atmosphere to the board  and the imagery gives it a naturalistic feel to the mood of the upcoming collection. Each of the paper and fabric samples were created in print.

Below are some images from the Photoshoot which link with the theme:


Pantone References

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.44.51

Using the pipette tool to select colours from my colour board to these colour chips was really helpful for me to see visually what these colours will potentially be like. I also used my pantone references to get the exact colours as well as the faded ones on my colour board.

The overall mood these colours give off is a relaxing and calm feel when they’re together. This collection will be for autumn 2019 and you can already see that with the greys and teals it gives the hazy palette a bit of energy and an electric feel.


Harlequin; Colour Board

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.21.51

I reviewed the forecast of colour trends on WGSN to be informed of a colour palette that will be relevant to the trends in the upcoming year. I found that Amber shades are going to be forecasted for the summer trend. Amber shades such as dark ginger and apricot are said to create a luminous and radiant look which is want I want to convey in my collection. Reds and pinks also complement the amber shades really well. Whilst taking this into consideration I have decided to use those as they will give the collection an uplifting and hopeful feeling. The teals and greys contrast against the hazy pinks and orange shades to give it that sense of individuality.

Harlequin; Company Profile Board

This board was really exciting to create as it was intriguing to see the high end markets and what each company/brand offer towards the textile industry to satisfy their customers/clients. Below are the main competitors I’ve constructed together which are highly threatening towards Harlequin with a similar ethos and taste for design. They are:
Timorous Beasties, Monsoon, Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston. All are very similar with the botanical, naturalistic approach along with bold prints and enthusiastic colour schemes.
Harlequin as a company have produced multiple collections which undertake a notion of juxtaposition. All collections provide a different out look to the design industry. Some collections are simplistic and toned down, whereas other collections, such as ‘Kallianthi’ collaborated with Clarissa Hulse. They are very bold and botanical.
This is a very positive feature as I like how they don’t stick to the same theme and experimentation is key for their designs and how they are produced.

Here I wanted to convey a variety of outlooks that compete with Harlequin: |

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 18.58.24 2

Timorous Beasties being an obvious link to the bold and botanical prints by Harlequin, as well as the velvet collection they have with vivid contrasting colour schemes. There are various styles within Timorous Beasties that replicate Harlequin. I am enthusiastic about these colours as they depict a happy lifestyle if they were in someones home. Monsoon also offer a very unique style of embroidery and print, the circular image on my board is a cushion they have. They also have a ‘coming soon’ range that is very much like the botanical theme. The colour scheme for this is quite neutral, again similar to a few collections by Harlequin. I was very surprised by Laura Ashley’s designs, and how they could compete with the bright and botanical blue bird they have on their cushion. This is similar to the Harlequin style as they also have a water colour/ink effect within their designs. Lastly, Harlequin are known for their florals, as well as Cath Kidston. They have prints with a similar taste to Kidston with the pastel background clashing with the bright floral patterns. I think all of these companies have a fighting chance to be on a competitive board for Harlequins company profile as they all use similar techniques and style of design.

Harlequin; Client Board

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.22.06

Harlequin aim to create a fashion statement in homes of those who are daring and bold. The oriental theme goes with the client profile, as I am designing for someone who is an adventurous being that likes the outdoors, and enjoys the simple things in life and likes to get away once in a while from the high maintenance of London city. The innovative colours I will use will definitely liven up the homes of someone who has a busy and sophisticated lifestyle with a quirky side. I’ve used images from East London, where they have a garden restaurant tucked away in an overlooked neighbourhood. It suits the clientele and the botanical and oriental theme is reinforced by the plants and the natural elements to this board. Sophistication is shown by the Chanel book in the bookcase and the bottle of Hendricks gin. The background was used to portray an uplift within the calm and hazy mood. I wanted it to show a bit of authenticity with the vivid colours.

Harlequin; Developing a concept

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 19.29.50.png

Above is my initial ideas for my theme/mood board. Whilst researching the brand I understood why their company was called Harlequin. The definition, is “in varied colours; variegated”. This went on to influence an idea for my collection name. I was putting words together that would describe a colourful collection really well. ‘High Spirited’ was what struck me for my collection name as the name itself is definitely up-lifting and puts a carefree and cheerful image into your head.

When people look at my collection for Harlequin I want them to be inspired by the bright bold colours. Having high spirits means lively and cheerful behaviour or mood. This is exactly what I aim to convey within my designs. Whether it be any aspect of print or stitch. So far, there are a few techniques from print that really pull towards me, however I’m in stitch workshops now and I am coming up with possibilities for a ‘High Spirited’ design with stitch.

By adding the ink blotches within the top corners frames the board for me and I really like it. Before hand it seemed like something was missing, so I scanned my mark making ink designs in that are resisted with bleach to create a carefree effect. The text also makes the board more personal with an overall meaning.  I am unsure if I want to keep it orange, but so far my colour scheme seems to be leading towards the inspiration from my mark making within print workshops. I am deciding on whether to use the following:

  • dark pink
  • teal
  • orange
  • salmon
  • cream
  • metallic bronze/silver
  • grey
  • purple
  • lime green
  • cyan